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The fall season is finally upon us. Tis the time of year where our events start lining up one right after the other. May we all travel safe, attend as many events as our time and budgets will permit, and may we all shoot straight keeping that nut behind butt plate under control. Be sure to check our website's schedule of events page for all the upcoming events. Godspeed to all the Widowmakers!

There is now one of Precious' videos up on the site under the new menu tab: Mov'n Picture Shows You may either watch the video within its' prescribed window or you may enlarge the video not unlike a YouTube video. To enlarge the video just click on the four arrows that reside to the left of the word - Vimeo - which is at the bottom of the video's play screen. The host site for these videos is called: Vimeo. Videos use up rather large amounts of memory so a host like Vimeo is necessary; how many of Precious' videos can be uploaded will be determined by their file size but we'll certainly get as many as is possible uploaded to the host then linked to over our site. There was one video, from last fall, already in the "library" so once the initial video is played out you will be given a choice to view more videos within the Vimeo library. It's a video I'd done to learn about editing with a sound track. Keep checkin Mov'n Picture Shows as more videos will be coming shortly.   Enjoy, JJ

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all the Widowmakers of the world. And to Simon, our dear English friend, please bear with us... out of respect of our friendship we will try not to whoop and holler too loud.

Proud to report the Widowmakers had a mighty fine showing at this year's Spring Shoot and we've all arrived home safely. Lots of medals were handed out due to some fine shooting, hawk and knife work, as well as, with the bows and arrows in the woods of archery. For the Fall Shoot we're gonna resurrect the infamous Widowmaker Beer Match Target (first entry) but will make some "adjustments" so both men and women Widowmakers can participate. We'll work out the details twixt now and then. It will be a rifle target. There will be a drink minimum around the campfire after as well. Nappy was worried it was just gonna be for one beer - LOL Have a safe and fun summer.

Spring National Shoot

Looking forward to seeing as many Widowmakers at this year's Spring Shoot as time, schedules and finances will permit. Many Klatch and myself went to Primitive Camp, last weekend, to do some prep work saw several camps already being set-up. For those that are coming, safe travels, for those that won't be in attendance... we'll raise a tankard or two in your honor!! JJ

Guy on a Buffalo

Embedding Video Test on the Blog - Reckon I could pick different videos but I like "Guy on a Buffalo" series (blame Jethro, he told me about it )        

New Website Notice

Hey Y'all, Registration will no longer be required for the new site. After much consternation, pondering and cyphering it's just going to be far simpler for all involved if the site is not interactive. Believe me when I say: I've earnestly tried to find a simple format for us all. A format that we're all familiar with yet is up to date. And that's where the two worlds collide. So what I've ended up doing is a blending of a lot of the latest and greatest (the new site which is both a website and blog) with some of the old. See Message Hide link on new website's menu. This Message Hide is the latest version of the message board format we currently have been using but with log-in security requirements, spam protection, etc.. YES, it does have that same ole frekin posting picture, link and video format (because it's URL based) BUT it will be far simpler for me to explain HOW TO POST to the message hide than it would've been for me to explain to y'all how to Blog especially as a "community", of sorts , all using the same website as the hub of said community communications. This entire experience is sorta like the ole adage: "Ya don't know what ya don't know til ya learn why ya didn't know it." So I came up with a blending of some the ole with a whole lot of the new as the end solution. I'll do the bloggin which is integrated with our Facebook account, which will then both notify our Facebook members, while, at the same time, also direct them to our site. Even during this testing process I've had folks see our posts on FB , on their phones, which originated from our site, then they'd end up going directly to our site from that very post - that's purdy cool. As far as our new message board (See Message Hide on site menu), it, too, is new and improved (from a security and spam standpoint) and I'll monitor the board as well. And, I've embedded a link on the board that will redirect back to our site. And, I and other members can explain how to post attachments to the board. Trust me, it's not that difficult. There are ads on the board but for a "fee" we may have an ad free board if we so desire. That's the latest and greatest, for now, peace. JJ  


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Widowmakers, On this, the day of our Lord, April 27, 2014 -  let it be known that this is a Blog Post from the Widowmaker website being integrated, simultaneously, with the Widow Makers FB account: They are now as one. Huzzah!

Blue jacket's Blog will be employed as a Cyber-Coummunications-Town Crier, of sorts, for mass communications to all our members; this here blog reaches all our "friends" on Facebook with one, mighty, click of the mouse, which, in-turn, gives them access to the specific blog's 'post' (on whatever electronic device they may be using) while, at the same time, redirecting them to our website within said device. Our website then stays integrated will all its members no matter which format of communication they so desire to utilize. bluecamp

messageboard7Dending upon your specific web-browser's settings... you may, or may not, need to increase the size of how you "view" this site on your browser. Safari browser has a "tab" that increases or decreases rather easily. Firefox browser  also displays this site rather well. If, however, it comes into your browser "small" just increase its "size" within your particular browser's "view settings". Oh yeah... the Header Photo (main pic on top of page) will change as you navigate thru site. And, if you click the header photo, it will also change so you can browse all the photos that are dedicated to this location. Pictures will be periodically added to this area, as we are "rich" in photos, and because it's a convenient, user friendly, way to view them while visiting the site. Not all photos can be "header" photos, due to either their orientation or quality, but the ones that "crop" well, have the quality, will be placed here so keep "lookin". JJ