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Proud to report the Widowmakers had a mighty fine showing at this year's Spring Shoot and we've all arrived home safely. Lots of medals were handed out due to some fine shooting, hawk and knife work, as well as, with the bows and arrows in the woods of archery. For the Fall Shoot we're gonna resurrect the infamous Widowmaker Beer Match Target (first entry) but will make some "adjustments" so both men and women Widowmakers can participate. We'll work out the details twixt now and then. It will be a rifle target. There will be a drink minimum around the campfire after as well. Nappy was worried it was just gonna be for one beer - LOL Have a safe and fun summer.

Spring National Shoot

Looking forward to seeing as many Widowmakers at this year's Spring Shoot as time, schedules and finances will permit. Many Klatch and myself went to Primitive Camp, last weekend, to do some prep work saw several camps already being set-up. For those that are coming, safe travels, for those that won't be in attendance... we'll raise a tankard or two in your honor!! JJ