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There is now one of Precious' videos up on the site under the new menu tab: Mov'n Picture Shows You may either watch the video within its' prescribed window or you may enlarge the video not unlike a YouTube video. To enlarge the video just click on the four arrows that reside to the left of the word - Vimeo - which is at the bottom of the video's play screen. The host site for these videos is called: Vimeo. Videos use up rather large amounts of memory so a host like Vimeo is necessary; how many of Precious' videos can be uploaded will be determined by their file size but we'll certainly get as many as is possible uploaded to the host then linked to over our site. There was one video, from last fall, already in the "library" so once the initial video is played out you will be given a choice to view more videos within the Vimeo library. It's a video I'd done to learn about editing with a sound track. Keep checkin Mov'n Picture Shows as more videos will be coming shortly.   Enjoy, JJ

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all the Widowmakers of the world. And to Simon, our dear English friend, please bear with us... out of respect of our friendship we will try not to whoop and holler too loud.