Blue jacket's Blog will be employed as a Cyber-Coummunications-Town Crier, of sorts, for mass communications to all our members; this here blog reaches all our "friends" on Facebook with one, mighty, click of the mouse, which, in-turn, gives them access to the specific blog's 'post' (on whatever electronic device they may be using) while, at the same time, redirecting them to our website within said device. Our website then stays integrated will all its members no matter which format of communication they so desire to utilize. bluecamp

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Friendship Fall Shoot

Friendship Fall Shoot September 10-18, 2016 Widowmaker Beer Match (Smoothbore) Widowmaker Black Squirrel Whiskey Match (Rifle) Defense of the Fort (Smoothbore) Big Honkin Woods Walk (Military Smoothbore 65 caliber and up) Just a sample from the Fall Menu.

Friendship Spring Shoot

Widowmaker Camp will be on Pucker's Point overlooking the beautiful Lizard's Crossing; we'll start rolling in on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Just listen for Nappy and that's where our camp is located.

Widowmaker Frolic

Although the crick turned into a river a good time was had by all who attended. Lizard and Precious put on a shooting clinic then Lizard got falsely accused of something he was guilty of.

All Widowmakers are invited the weekend of March 19th and 20th at Primitive Range, Friendship, IN to help re-lay the fallen portions of the stone Honor Wall.  Some can only make it Saturday while others will be making a weekend out it... come on out if ya can... I'm think'n a shootin match or two will break out too!


We lost one of our very best yesterday. Heavy hearts, tear puddled eyes beseech us today. Turkeyman touched us all in a way that only he could leaving indelible smiles upon our faces and joy in our souls: We all loved him dearly... He ain't gone, he's just not here.


The fall season is finally upon us. Tis the time of year where our events start lining up one right after the other. May we all travel safe, attend as many events as our time and budgets will permit, and may we all shoot straight keeping that nut behind butt plate under control. Be sure to check our website's schedule of events page for all the upcoming events. Godspeed to all the Widowmakers!

There is now one of Precious' videos up on the site under the new menu tab: Mov'n Picture Shows You may either watch the video within its' prescribed window or you may enlarge the video not unlike a YouTube video. To enlarge the video just click on the four arrows that reside to the left of the word - Vimeo - which is at the bottom of the video's play screen. The host site for these videos is called: Vimeo. Videos use up rather large amounts of memory so a host like Vimeo is necessary; how many of Precious' videos can be uploaded will be determined by their file size but we'll certainly get as many as is possible uploaded to the host then linked to over our site. There was one video, from last fall, already in the "library" so once the initial video is played out you will be given a choice to view more videos within the Vimeo library. It's a video I'd done to learn about editing with a sound track. Keep checkin Mov'n Picture Shows as more videos will be coming shortly.   Enjoy, JJ